We strive to be on top of the ever-evolving flooring technology and provide clients with the best possible flooring solution. 


We Provide Various Colors to match Your Company Settings, comes with Self-Leveling for Smooth Finishing.

Safety First. We're specialised in Epoxy Flooring, Polyurethane Flooring, Chemical Resistant Flooring, Anti-Statics Flooring.

We've All Kind of Flooring Solutions You Need! Epoxy Flooring, Polyurethane Coating, Heat Insulation Paint , Chemical Resistant Flooring, Anti-Statics Flooring, UV Resistant Flooring.

We've Technical & Contractor team with 15+ Years Experience in Industrial & Commercial Flooring. Your Satisfaction is Our Goal.

Trion Industrial Flooring is Dedicated to Delivering Long-Lasting Flooring Solutions that can withstand Heavy Machinery, High traffic, and Vehicles


A good flooring system is essential for a safe and comfortable working environment. At Trion, we strive to be on top of the ever-evolving flooring technology and provide clients with the best possible flooring solution.


Epoxy Floor Coating

Suitable for Car Park, Warehouse, Production and etc.

Polyurethane Screed-Trioncrete

For rubust environment, extreme temperature (-40 °c to +120°c) such as freezen, chillers, etc. Suitable for Coldroom, Lab and etc.

Epoxy Resin Mortar (Heavy Duty) 

For areas where heavy vehicle traffic are involved such as Warehouse, Storage Room, Factory and etc.

Epoxy Self-Smoothing Gloss Finish

Delivers a hygienic smooth resin finish, suitable for dry process areas where the floor is subjected to foot, trolley, pallet truck and rubber wheeled forklift traffic.

Chemical Resistant

For chemical spillage, storage & containment area.


1. What type of flooring suits my company best?

We have flooring solutions for all purposes – warehouse, factory, restaurant & commercial – you name it and we have it.

2. Is the coating durable?

Yes. We have heavy-duty coatings for areas with constant foot, trolley, pallet truck and forklift traffic and even for surfaces with the risk of chemical spillage. 

3. Do you cover the repairing and maintenance of your flooring?

Yes, we do cover the repair and maintenance of the affected area.  

4. Do you sell tools for epoxy flooring?

No, but we’re providing professional epoxy flooring solution for commercial and industrial usage. Get in touch with us for a personalised consultation. 

5. Do you provide epoxy flooring for residential (toilet & kitchen)? 

No, we only provide professional flooring solution such as epoxy, pu and etc for commercial and industrial usage only.  

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Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Painting is a 3 coats epoxy system besides having the effect of dust proofing the floor it can also create a cosmetical visual effect. Epoxy Painting is recommended where traffic is light.

Polyurethane Screed-Trioncrete

Polyurethane Floor Coatings are recommended for area where heavy impact, chemical resistance is a concern. Customers do not face thins down or peeling off, as it is of average thickness of within the range of 3mm to as much as 15mm thick (resin rich) depending on the usage condition. Therefore, minimum maintenance is required.

Epoxy Resin Mortar (Heavy Duty)

Epoxy Self-Smoothing Gloss Finish

Chemical Resistant

TRION Anti Static or disspitative or conductive floor has been widely used in electronic factories, computer room, printing factories, storage of expolosive materials, pharmaceutical plants and other factories and locations dealing with hazardous dust,inflammable gased or liquids.

TRION’s belief with good surface preparation is the key to making it last as long as possible.With this belief, TRION has invested substantially in Japan Make floor scarifiyer machines and hand held grinding machines with vacuum attached. Unlike most of our competitors’ machineries where the vacuum are separated, all

TRION’s surface preparation scarifiyer has a built in vacuum which equates to almost dust free during floor preparation.